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- Color may show differently compare to actual color.

Notes tuxedo purchases

memorial wedding provide order-made dress and tuxedo for you.
It takes few weeks to deliver to your home address.
The indication for deliver lead time shown below.
1. wedding dress and tuxedo takes approximately 4 weeks or more.
2. party dress QX series takes approximately 2 weeks.
3. party dress MD series takes approximately 3 weeks.
We will inform you detail date of delivery after your order.

「Measure Up」

size of tuxedo

suit size 1

(2)upper armhole

suit size 2

(6)dress length

pant size 1

(9)pant length

pant size 2

(13)U curves

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tuxedo BWD64022-402

Product ID:
Tuxedo BWD64022-402

※Shirt cummerbund and a bow tai do not included in the price
Selling price:
US$ 398
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- Please entry follow information for purchase. You need to entry all information if you purchase wedding dress.

  • 1.Date of use:
  • Day Month Year

2.dress size

  • (1)Chest:
  •  inch/cm
  • (2)Armhole:
  •  inch/cm
  • (3)Abdominal:
  •  inch/cm
  • (4)Waist:
  •  inch/cm
  • (5)Shoulder:
  •  inch/cm
  • (6)dress length:
  •  inch/cm
  • (7)Sleeve:
  •  inch/cm
  • (8)Bent:
  • (9)Pant length:
  •  inch/cm
  • (10)Hip:
  •  inch/cm
  • (11)Thigh:
  •  inch/cm
  • (12)Calf:
  •  inch/cm
  • (13)U curves:
  •  inch/cm
  • (14)Hem:

Some tuxedo may need additional information in order to make it fit. We will contact you when it needed, you may see this page for measurement.

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