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   Recording based on specific transaction

  About Shop

Shop name Memorial Wedding
Dealer name ECSS,Inc(e-commerce solution service)
Dealer URL http://www.ecss.co.jp/
General Manager of Sales Masaki Mizobuchi
Address ZIP code:356-0056
2-10-2 Ureshino Fujiminoshi Saitamaken Japan 1603
Phone number +81 050-3803-7960
+81 049-264-0130
mail address contact_en@memorial-wedding.jp
Memorial Wedding URL memorial-wedding.jp/en

  Method of Payment

  • Prepaid loan for orders may be paid by the following two methods
  • ・Credit card (Visa, Master, JCB, Amex and Dinners)
  • ・Bank Transfer (the transfer shall be made within 2 days after notification of the transfer account by mail after the place of orders)
  • Refer to the ordering procedures for details

  •   Delivery of Commodities

    As it is custom made, the date of delivery of the commodities shall be notified separately after the place of order.

    Refer to 「Approximate Schedule of Delivery」 on the lower right corner of the TOP page for the approximate date of delivery.

    The date of delivery in busy time may be delayed by sending notices by our company.

    Refer to the ordering procedures for details.

      About Freight

    Transportation fee is different depending on the region.

    When we receive your order, we will inform you the transportation fee within 2 working

    days. You confirm transportation fee and if you agree that, please let us know.

    After that, we accept your order and settlement.

    Refer to the ordering procedures for details

      About Return of Goods

    Our company will inform the customers of the delivery time after the place of orders. The order may be cancelled if they are not satisfied with the delivery time.

    In case of damaged and disqualified commodities and commodities with size discrepancies, please notify our company within 7 days after the arrival of commodities.

    Our company will notify customers of the address for return of goods.