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     introduction of memorial wedding

Memorial wedding developed the cover of the wheelchair, so that the bride looks more beautiful in a wheelchair. We'd like to serving more people with a reasonable price.

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  Introduction of wheelchair Cover

Wheelchair cover fits directly into a wheelchair when wearing dress. Outer of Wheelchair cover use the same fabric of the dress, it seems that it were integrated with the dress. Pannier, outside of the wheelchair, has 3 or 4 frames. Therefore,there is a certain space for avoiding the dress rolling into the wheels.

As follows: ①from the top of the wheelchair, ②Open the front frame, mounting from the rear of the wheelchair.

Fixed the frame and lace up. The frame inside of the wheelchair cover,
you can change the diameter easily.


1.Can I change the color?
  Since the cover is suit to the type of wheelchair. You can also change the color according to your wedding dress.
  As same as wedding dress, you can also change the color to suit your party dress.

2.Can I carry it easily?
  The folded size is 40cmX40cm.
  You can carry it everywhere conveniently.

3.Will the dress roll into the wheels?
  Cover will creat space around the wheelchair.
  However, you also should be carefull when you use it.

4.Is it suitable for any type wheelchair?
  Every wheelchair has a different size. We can dicuss the most suitable size.
  It usually takes about 3 months to make it.

5.How long can I install it?
  Just 15 minutes when you get used to it.

  Production Process

Depending on wheelchair, it may be required  to re-design it.
In the process of production, we will make prototype model one or two times, you can try to actually installed. It will take about 3 months from you order to receive it.

1.Confirm Size
We will send prototype model to you, please check the size and the sense of use. And then,feedback to us which size need to be changed. In addition, please make sure that the dress will not roll into the wheels.

※It's better that you can send us the dimensions of your wheelchair.
①We will make the cover based on your requirment.

②According to the pannier was manufactured by step①, and then produced in the outer fabric dress.
If you want to add some decoration , please contact us in advance.
3.Confirm &
We will deliver the wheelchair cover version of the delivery.
when you receive it,please check it and confirm.