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     characteristics of memorial wedding dress

  Change the color and design of wedding dress

  Since our dresses are tailor-made, you can choice the color of dress.
  If you are looking color dress, please contact us.

1.change the color&fabric
We provide many colors according to your requirements. It's a good news for you to select your favorite color for your dress. After decide the style, you can select your favorite color. There're many colors in the color sample.
→color sample
→apply for color and fabric

Please choose your favorite color from the color sample.→color sample

2.change the decoration
If you'd like this dress with the ruffle of the other one, or, you like the whole dress but the ribbon you want to change smaller. What should you do? Before ordering, please contact us. You can customize it in many cases.
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The dress which you choose, you can install decoration of the other different dress.
Dress up your dress with your favorite decoration.

3.change length of dress
Maybe long train wedding dress is not suit for outdoor ceremony. Then you can change the length of the train. Please choose the most suitable for you.

In order to make the wedding dress be of stereoscopic effect, you can choose pannier or add several layers inside the dress. The pannier is light and easy to carry. While the layers will increase sincere feeling.
You can also change the length of sleeve, the neck line and so on.
Please contact us.
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