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  1. Why are they so cheap?

Compared to ordinary clothing, wedding dresses have higher price than the cost due to its use properties. Our company will make efforts to control the cost of manufacture and set the price at a reasonable level. Our company will sale high quality wedding dresses at a price lower than the rent price.

  2. Can they really be customized?

We will make the wedding dresses with sizes satisfying the customers. Please select dress style and enter your size. Of course, we consider the heels height of the shoes on the wedding day also.

  3. What if the body weight changes before wedding ceremony?

The sizes of most of our wedding dresses can be adjusted by a belt, so the slight change in weight before wedding day is not a problem.

  4. What colors can be selected?

Our company has prepared some basic colors: white, cream, champagne. The color changes slightly depending on the material. In addition, you can select your favorite color at page color sample.

  5. Can the customer's own design be made into dresses?

Yes! They can be produced after the consultations and the design of sketches, pictures and other data concerning the wedding dresses. The expenses shall be charged separately.

  6. How far from the wedding date can the order be placed?

The auditorium shall be selected about half a year prior to the wedding date and the wedding dresses ordered at the same time. Choosing your wedding dress style and color to suit your auditorium will be more attractive.