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  Introduction of the common process of getting married

All are started from here.
Once the two persons in love decide to get married, the first thing that they co-encounter is the preparation of the engagement and wedding ceremonies.
After visiting the parents, the engagement date and place shall be determined.
However, there are couples prefer to omit this process recently. But for the consideration for the greetings to the parents of both parties and the contact problems with the relatives in the future, we suggest that this process of engagement need to be remained.

After visiting the parents and determining the engagement issues, the wedding ceremony preparation shall be started.
Styles of wedding styles recently are varied from being held in common hotel and church to places like the shrine, dining hall, leisure resorts, and overseas places, etc.
Meanwhile, various types of wedding ceremony planning companies are established based on such special demand, such as the profession wedding ceremony planning companies, professional leisure resorts wedding ceremony company, small scale dining hall style wedding ceremony planning companies rich in pleasantly surprising.

These wedding companies can totally provide with the ideal wedding ceremony style.
・Determine the wedding ceremony style and place
・Discuss the schedule
・Decide the date of the wedding ceremony
・Discuss the number of people
・Budget and gifts
・Reception number of people

Selecting a wedding dress for the bride to make her the focus of whole wedding ceremony is a very exciting thing for the bridegroom. The wedding dress is of quite different styles and colors.

「List of style」
・Princess style 
・Mermaid style 
・A-line style 
・Slim style 

There are two points that need to be considered when you select the wedding dress:
1. Figure of the bride
We can tailor for you the most attractive wedding dress. Certainly, everyone has its own preference, so you can also select your love wedding dress as you wish.
2. Scale of the ceremony room
If the wedding ceremony is held in big hotel, church, or banquet hall, then you don’t need to worry about the style when you selecting the wedding style. However, if the wedding ceremony is held in small space places like the dining hall or leisure places, it shall be considered that the bride needs to go to places outside the indoor place, like the veranda. Therefore, we suggest that you can select the wedding dress with comparatively short train for the convenience of movement.

Besides, if the wedding ceremony is held in leisure resorts or overseas places in order for memory, the wedding dress shall be protected. The special gift box shall be always be carried.

Proper bouquet and veil shall be selected according to the style of the wedding dress. The bouquet shall match up with the main theme of the field color and atmosphere.

Choose the wedding ring as the witness of your marriage.
Choose the wedding ring which is of acceptable price according to the budget.

Ask your friends to be the receptionist and discuss with your friends about relevant issues like the place, budget, number of people, and guests; and discuss with the receptionists about relevant issues like the performance and programs shown on the secondary banquet.

If the preparation is started 3 months ahead of time, a lot of issues can be prepared.
・Is there a matchmaker? If it’s yes, the matchmaker shall be invited
・Make a list about the customers that need to be invited and deliver them with the invitation card
・Invite your boss to make greetings and ask your friends to help to deal with other issues
・Ask your friends to be your emcee and receptionists
・Prepare for your wedding trip and get the passport ready
・Prepare for and purchase the costume that is needed for the secondary banquet.

・Determination of the attendants
・Determination of the emcee, congratulations, sideshow, and reception
・Determination of gifts
・Determination of the wedding trip booking
・Determination of the secondary banquet
・Determination of the costume

The above contents are of wide scope. However, these are the key contents of the whole wedding ceremony.