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     Characteristic of memorial wedding

Memorial Wedding will put your dreaming
wedding dress on Barbie Doll(Licca-chan ).
We will provide you with original Barbie Doll
wedding dress custom-tailoring service

Just like our website name, we will help you
to maintain your memory. Whenever you see
Barbie Doll, we will recall all the memories of
your big day. That scene, that feeling, will be
like reborn on you.
We devote ourselves to provide you
with permanent unforgettable
original service.

There are two models are available for
your choice: Barbie Doll and Licca-chan.
We will try our best to stick by your will
and create the original work that you dream of.
Besides, our created work will be taller than the practical Barbie Doll and Licca-chan. And a special and simple base is made under the puppet which makes it more glorious and beautiful.

Size: H: 40cm; W: 70cm; D: 88cm

※The size may be changed according to the wedding dress style. And the above size is just for your reference.
※ The size of the wedding dress can be determined according to your will.
※ The wedding dress may be connected with the puppet, please don't take off the wedding dress of the puppet.

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Even you are married,don't worry,you can also order-made the memorial-doll.The only thing you should to do is sending photos to us.
Please contact to us.