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   Personal Information Protection Policy

  1.Intended Use (About the purpose of information collection)

Such information as the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses etc. provided by customers shall be used by the company in the delivery of commodities, response to enquiries, downloading of mail magazines and distribution of information magazines and other services.

Without the consents of customers, our company will not disclose the personal information to a third party or indirectly acquire personal information from a third party.

   2.Security Management Equipment (protection of personal information)

(1) The consulting webpage of this website and personal information and credit card information entered in purchasing commodities can be safely downloaded by SSL encryption.

(2) Safety measures are usually taken to avoid the lose, damage, falsification and leakage of illegal chain and personal information.

(3) In case of the above accidents, corrective measures shall be taken promptly.

(4) To observe laws and regulations relating to personal information and implement the alteration or improvement personal information safety management measures according to requirements for alteration of legal systems.

(5) Implement continual modification and improvement of relevant procedural compliant laws concerning personal information in accordance with the changes in surrounding environment and social situations.

(6) Identify the customers themselves before taking prompt measures if they hope to confirm (disclose), correct and delete their personal information.

  3.About Restrictions Provided by a Third Party

Our company will not provide or disclose the personal information of customers to a third party except for prior consent and delegation of the customers for delivery and other services.

According to law, our company will not provide personal information except for legal requirements of national agencies or local organizations or contractors.

  4.About Use of Personal Information

In order to provide more excellent services, information and service about new commodities will sometimes be notified with the consent of the customers.

Moreover, personal information will sometimes be needed as statistical data incapable of identifying individuals.

  5.About Cookie

Cookie is used in part of the website for convenient reading of the customers.

Cookie refers to information delivered from the webpage-linking server computer to the browser of customers and stored in the customers’ hardware.

Please don’t worry; stored information will not include personal information such as names and addresses.

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