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   Process of Order

  The process from order to arrival and payment of products

1. Please input in the lower right corner of the products details page items
    necessary for the purchase of wedding dresses.

1) Input of wedding date

Please input the date of wedding or scheduled date.

The order of wedding dresses shall be either processed extra urgent or rejected according to schedule.

2) Input of Color

Please select desirable color. Basic expense shall be charged for basic color – white, extra 12 US$ for cream and champagne colors.

In addition, you can also make the dress in other colors. For example, there are also several colores of white on white. Please select the color you want in the page Color sample.

It is also possible to make color dress using the colorful material.

Please consult.

3)  Input Size

Please input the size of the bride.

It’s alright to input the displayed (chest line), (waistline), (hipline), (height) and (height of heels).

Detailed size is needed for some wedding dresses. Notice will be sent by our company by mail if needed.

Please refer to 「Measuring Guide」 and notify sizes with necessary codes.

4) Input of Quantities

Default value “1”, no need for change.

5) Input of Requirements

Please input concrete requirements and the confirmation of color samples (anything is ok). It’s alright if nothing is input.

6) Put in Shopping Cart

Please click 「Add to Shopping Cart」 after completion of input.

2. Confirmation at Shopping Cart
Please confirm the order and amount of commodities at the Shopping Cart.
Please click「Checkout」 if there is no problem.

3. Named Place of Destination
Please register for a membership after place of an order if you are not a member. Deliver to the input address or have other addresses registered. Please select other destinations if needed.

4. Selection of Method of Payment
There are 2 types of methods of payments.
・Credit card

5. Confirmation and Completion
At last, please confirm about the ordering content in the specific confirmation picture. It is completed if there is no problem.

6. Delivery Time
The delivery schedule shall be notified by our company within 2 working days after placing an order.
Please confirm the approximate delivery date in the Approximate Delivery Schedule on the home page.
The delivery can be made within 4 weeks except for busy times.
Our company will inform the customers of the delivery time after the place of orders. The order may be cancelled if they are not satisfied with the delivery time.

7. Delivery
Commodities shall be delivered by suitable logistics company according to region. We will inform you until Shipping date.

8. Return
Please try on upon receipt of the wedding dresses.
If there are any defective and damaged products and size discrepancies due to reasons attributable to our company, please inform us. We will accept a return change size or return within 1 week of arrival of the products. Memorial Wedding will borne the expenses arising from the size discrepancies due to reasons attributable to our company.
Memorial Wedding will accept return and exchange of products damaged due to reasons attributable to our company.
However, our company will not accept return and exchange of products due to reasons attributable to the customer.

  About Freight and Payment

About Freight

Products price does not include the freight of products.

About Payment

1) Settlement by Credit card

Credit cards that can be used in our store include VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX and Discover(Dinners).

2) PayPal