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Memorial Wedding’s products are all designed and made by overseas supplier with good texture. Large amount of advanced quality raw materials are adopted, such as the taffeta, organdie, and tights.
Since we are professional custom-tailoring service provider, our products are different from those that are of mass production. We focus on style design and consider every single detail (including the vertical line) according to the figure features of the customer to wholeheartedly produce the perfect wedding dress with high sense of quality and reasonable price for the customers.

You need not to worry about the size problem if you choose us to prepare for your wedding dress for we are the professional custom-tailoring service provider of wedding dress. And we can custom-tailor the dress according to the figure of the customer. All of our products will experience two rounds of inspection before being delivered.

Though the white color is the basic color of the wedding dress, we can provide other colors according to the customer’s requirements (camel, champagne). Certainly, we can also provide you with the wedding dress in colors that are popular currently (blue and red, etc.)

In order to make the wedding dress be of stereoscopic effect, commonly the pannier will be added in the wedding dress. However, Memorial Wedding’s dress doesn’t need such pannier. Our dresses are adopted with materials with tension and proccess inside skirt. and special coating for the surface of the dress may be used according to practical status. Even the princess style wedding dress can represent the sense of ball gown without the support of the pannier.
※Those who wish what can be
   compactly stored by carrying etc.
   can choose a pannier type.

The bride can be quite sensitive when approaching the wedding date. Many brides may be changed in weight when it is quite near the big day even the wedding dress is custom-tailored several months ago.
Memorial Wedding makes elastic specially for almost all wedding dresses to allow the customers to adjust the size freely.This is vital for customers who custom-tailor their wedding dress on the Internet store. Our wedding dresses are attached with such elastic to allow the customers to adjust the size and let out or shorten it within 5cm respectively so that you can ignore the problem caused by putting on weight and expect your big day with a relax mood.

Memorial Wedding has optimized support system. We can be your most powerful backup force.

We will communicate and discuss with the customers about all the questions and requirements before the custom-tailoring.
・Color sample order
・Design change responding measures
・Color change responding measures
・Estimated price superaddition

Keep in touch with the customer after the custom-tailoring
・Contact and communicate about the delivery date
・Report the producing process
・Contact and communicate about the delivery date once again
If there's any error on size or damage after the delivery, we can change and repair it later.